Amidst the bustling and progressive city pulsating with modern life, there exists a special haven for those who long for the solitude and enjoyment while communing with nature.

Felis Resort has been quite existence for several years in the city. Out of the traffic maze, this secluded location affords a spectacular view of the Mount Apo across the shore on a clear morning. Relish the soothing calmness as you dine with good food by the beach under thatched roof huts.

Felis offers special package for gatherings from weddings, birthdays, reunions, seminars and retreats, to theme parties and mini-concerts, or even just a regular family get together.

Call it your second home.

After all, this is a legacy to the family who owns it. It is a gift they share to those who understand and appreciate its sentimental value as much as they do.

Simply because Felis Resort was built from the HEART.

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